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sometimes it just doesn't work

Someone somewhere said that computers are deterministic machines. While that sentence is true most of the time, sometimes it just doesn't work.

Sometimes you're stuck with the problem that you can't solve.

You're having trouble with your software that is giving you weird errors or is not working at all. You're having network or filesystem issues and you have no idea where to start.

You need to automate something because you're losing precious time on manual labour. You need a Slack bot, website crawler, data broker, data processor.

You don't know what your binary is doing, but you would really like to know. You have a malicious document that you would like to analyze. You've been struck by ransomware ransomware and don't know where to start.

Someone has stolen your money on Internet and you don't know how. You have written a software and you would like to know if it's secure.

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About us

RootedLabs is an open collective that is a brainchild of Tomislav Andros.

At its core, it will always be a hacker space where people will exchange ideas about technology, information security and its implications on modern society.

We are offering services that are tailored to customers’ specific needs and are being executed by the people that are loosely coupled with RootedLabs and are the best experts (at that moment) for that particular job.

We are responsible for the highest quality of the output and delivery. We also handle people, technology and expectations, in order to provide the comprehensive experience for our clients. We strive to be reliable, trustworthy and inobtrusive.

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>code >build >win

We offer automation of small and medium projects. We can also be an additional extra hand in projects like:

Writing specialized tools and command line processors for data processing

Scraping web content

Application of machine learning algorithms

Writing device drivers

DevOps automation and infrastructure as code

Preferred languages for getting things done are Rust, Python, NodeJS (Javascript), C++ and Golang.

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Exception thrown: "Too complicated to understand"

Companies without deep technical prowess usually stumble upon a problem that they cannot solve. Some of the problems are usually:

Unusual systems behavior

Unusual network behavior

Unusual software behavior

Low situational awareness

Undefined behavior which can be either malicious or a bug in the software/hardware

We provide years of hands-on experience with resolving unpredictable systems behavior. From triage that can help system administrators or developers, up to handling complex mixture of different technologies and teams, we provide means necessary to resolve the issue.

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Don't rain on my parade

Everybody’s talking about the cloud. If you’re a well-established company, your cloud infrastructure is already up and running. Maybe you’re thinking about migration to the cloud or you are a small company that is assessing having your whole infrastructure in the cloud.

We do all of that, but in a secure fashion. We’re helping big organizations to secure their cloud infrastructure and small and medium organizations to migrate or start in the cloud.

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Build secure systems by continuously assessing your infrastructure and code. Lend an experienced hand when dealing with information security incidents.

Use our offensive services to assess web applications, mobile applications, cloud infrastructure, or software product in its entirety.
Use our defense services to handle information systems security incidents, to perform computer forensics or malware analysis.

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Human Tech


Modern challenges impose a different perspective on the way that we consume information from information technology resources.
Richest companies of the 21st century use machine learning algorithms to maximize their profits by using people as their platform.
We’re empowering people and companies to build a more responsive society, by educating them and preparing them for those challenges.

We perform education for:

Parents – how kids use social media, cellphones, challenges and solutions

Kids – security threats when using social media and mobile platforms, games and forced addictive behavior. We divide children in two categories: 7-12 and 13-18

Government and NGO’s – we advise and develop policies to make our society more resilient to modern exploitation

We also perform assessment of platforms that have huge impact on lives of people that use it from a security perspective. We search for potential data collection and implications of personal data misuse.

we are here to help


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